An APA format for research paper

One of the most important elements to remember for your research paper includes following guidelines provided by your instructor. While APA formatting style may have specific requirements to follow, your guidelines may have variations you need to follow. Certain elements related to your research paper such as the introduction, results, references, abstract, and methods are included in the APA format. How you present your findings will play a role in presentation and readability.

  • Avoid placing page breaks in between sections such as the introduction, results, and methods.
  • Certain sections are required to have their own page including tables, abstract, references, and title page.
  • Margins and font may vary, but many papers use 12-point font with margins set at 1 inch all around. Content is often double-spaced and written in past tense.
  • Title page includes your name and school while written double-spaced. Your title should be no longer than 12 words. In your word program you can use the view header function to help you create your heading. All caps are used for the running head and the page number should be flush to the right of the page.
  • Your section headings such as abstract should be centered on the page and not in bold. You will provide a brief overview that includes results, methods, and discussion along with your topic or purpose for your project.
  • The introduction may not have a label titled “introduction” but it should be well written to help the audience get introduced to your content. This should include concise details related to what you want readers to know firsthand along with your hypothesis.
  • The methods section is centered and in bold. Materials, participants, and procedures are outlined here. These elements may each have a label of their own while being centered and boldface. You detail how many people participated, how they participated, and provide thorough content that is not too brief or wordy.

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Results are labeled in the center of the page and boldface. You list analysis and tests conducted along with results received. You may be expected to list this content in a certain form on the page based on guidelines provided.


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References, citations, and tables/figures are also presented using a certain format that can be viewed through sample content. Mention author names and dates publications were published. Tables should have a title and caption.

Prepare To Write

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the information you use. Make sure it is factual,up-to-date and relevant to the topic.

Don't be afraid to change your topic If you feel that it is a bit complicated or you want it to be more specified.

Make a plan, write all points you want to be mentioned in your work. It is easier to make your paper according to an outline.

Don't forget to consult a style guides and use the proper format. Don't forget about citing, references and footnotes.

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