A List Of Controversial Health Topics For A Research Paper

As you get older you can start to look at different topics that are a little more controversial or are less talked about.  When you are talking about health, there are a ton of topics that you can cover on the subject.  You want to find one that is controversial but make sure you don’t offend the reader with your topic or your research paper will miss the mark.

Controversial Health Topics

AIDS:  This topic has been done before but with the recent movies based on true events of people that fought to have the government and Health Department notice that they had a crisis on their hands.  This topic is controversial because of all the new information that we are finding on the disease every year and what is being done to cure the disease.

Drug Resistant Infections:  Some infections and illnesses are becoming resistant to treatments with drugs like antibiotics.  Is this because doctors prescribe them too much or are we becoming sicker because of our environment?

The Mind’s Power:  The power of a person’s mind can have a lasting effect on their overall health.  Is this just a myth or is our mind the one that is make us sick?

Obesity:  This is to be considered an epidemic in the United States but what are we really doing about the issue.   There are recent documentaries on the subject that say that it is because there is high amounts of sugar in everything we eat but is that the case or has technology make us lazy?

Ebola:  Since the first confirmed case and death of an Ebola patient in the United States, are we doing all we can to prevent an outbreak here?  Should we shut down the borders to help the United States from being infected?

Mental Health:  The awareness for mental health is on the rise but are we doing everything we can to help people or are we treating and releasing them because of lack of insurance or funds for some facilities?  This is a growing problem and most is not getting the treatment they need because of lack of funds and funding, which leave the public at risk.

Health Insurance:  Many thought that once the Affordable Care Act went into affect, that everyone would have insurance.  This is not the case because over forty million people do not have insurance.  This is because of the rising cost of insurance and medical expenses that come out of their own pocket.  What can we do to make health insurance affordable to all United States citizens?      

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