A Brief Introduction To Research Paper Writing For Dummies

Writing a research paper involves studying a relevant question and putting down everything related to the subject on paper. A good paper is the outcome of a well-planned project. To start with, one should remember that only one main question to focus on in the project.

The question should be broad enough to help you get ample amount of sources to base your work on, but not too broad that it loses focus on one particular angle. At the very beginning of your work, thus, you have to frame the question which should be specific, original and should be able to convey the idea on which the work will be done.

Vital points to be kept in mind while writing the paper:

  • One should add an abstract about should not be more than 200 words. The abstract is the first thing people looking for your work will read the abstract first. It should tell in a gist what your paper is about and what the conclusions you have drawn are.
  • Your paper must have a proper introduction which tells the readers a little bit of background of the work done and the reader should be able to understand what you are trying to prove.
  • State the methods you adopted to conduct the research such as equipment, places, locations, and even time and date of sample collection. Depending on the discipline, you have to mention methods adopted.
  • Look into the previous sample works done by your seniors and you will get a fair idea as to how you have to write this section.
  • While writing the result, you must put only certain graphs and tables and all the raw data and information should go to the appendix. Also be selective about the graphs and tables and present only the extremely important ones.
  • An important part of this paper is discussion where you discuss the results obtained. Actually have to show if the hypothesis drawn was proved or not or nothing could be concluded from the results obtained. It can be that the certain aspects were answered while some remained in the dark.
  • Your paper must discuss what may have gone wrong that is the shortcomings of the work conducted. You can suggest changes in the design to help get better results in the future. This is important because none of this work can be perfect and will have its own flaws.

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