What Are the Most Interesting Topics to Do a Research Paper On?

The most interesting topics for research papers are found in controversial social problems. Such issues as abortion or the right to wear guns have a strong emotional appeal to many people so they would be curious to read how you prove your point.

Below are the examples of broad academic topic that are sure to fascinate your readers. Narrow them down to an aspect or research question that interests you most. It is impossible to produce an outstanding research paper on a topic that you are not passionate about.

  • Environmental protection.
  • Is there a feasible alternative to fossil fuels? Does “green energy” actually save money and reduce environmental footprint? Will electric vehicles dominate our roads? Is the global climate change caused mainly by human or natural factors? How should radioactive waste be treated? Why do some people and groups oppose recycling?

  • Medical research advancements.
  • Why is there still no cure for such diseases as cancer or AIDS, despite the great amounts of time and money invested in their development? Should medicines be patented? Should human cloning for medical purposes be allowed? Should the results of genetic screening be considered in employment? Can genetic modification of humans do more good than harm?

  • Unethical corporate practices.
  • What unethical practices are common in large corporations? What is the damage to society? What can be done to stop them?

  • Educational issues.
  • Are the current measures to improve school safety effective? Should students have more or less freedom in choosing subjects to learn? Is home schooling a good alternative? How can the problem of diploma mills be solved?

  • Religion.
  • Why have different nations developed different religions? Why are some religions more widespread than others? Is there a relationship between religious beliefs and educational or income levels? Is it true that religious people generally have stronger morality and commit less crime?

  • Animal rights.
  • Should animals be used for testing and scientific purposes? Should keeping animals as pets in big cities be encouraged or restricted? Should the production of animal foods and products be completely stopped, considering the broader economic and social consequences such as jobs being cut?

  • Capital punishment.
  • Which countries still have capital punishment and for which crimes? Can death penalty reduce crime rates? Should it be used more extensively or eliminated completely?

  • Gun control.
  • Should everyone be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves? Is it true that countries with armed citizens have lower crime rates and are generally safer to live in? Can the improved public safety system, e. g. with more impact on video surveillance, provide an alternative to allowing guns?

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