The 10 Best Research Paper Ideas For College Students

One of the inevitable milestones of college life is writing a research paper. When it comes to completing this assignment, however, many students simply get lost and have no idea where to begin. Some cannot even come up with a subject they would like to research. If you discover yourself in a situation like this, go on reading to find the best research paper ideas to help you choose a topic that is both interesting and easy to write about:

  1. Family.
  2. You can discuss the influence of the church on families; whether people of different faiths should get married, adoption and foster-parenting, traditional family vs. single parenting, interracial and homosexual marriages, monogamy vs. polygamy, or the impact of infertility on family relationships.

  3. Upbringing.
  4. Analyze the way interaction between parents influences children. You can also write about violence, the effects of teen parenting or late parenting on kids, or the role of social media in the upbringing.

  5. Education.
  6. Research and compare different methods of education around the globe. Discuss the importance of child forwardness centers, home schooling, adult education, and private vs. public schools.

  7. Psychology.
  8. Consider writing about adolescent depression, different phobias, learning disabilities, retail therapy, or Internet addiction.

  9. Pseudoscience.
  10. Whether you believe any of these theories or not, it is going to be engaging to research something like; brain gym or crystal healing, conversion therapy or phrenology.

  11. Sociology.
  12. Your research paper can highlight youth cultures, problems of inequality and class conflicts, gender stereotypes and transgendered individuals, etc.

  13. The Internet.
  14. Analyze the negative and positive effects of the web on our lives. Does it make people lazy and less productive? Discuss the problem of online cheating, napster, Internet privacy, or cyber crime.

  15. Fashion.
  16. You can write about the influence of fashion on teenagers, or about fashion icons (such as Audrey Hepburn or Lady Gaga). Fur in fashion is always a topic of interest: is it ethical to use, or not? You may also focus on such famous fashion houses as Gucci, Nike, or Adidas.

  17. Health care.
  18. Analyze the problem of obesity in the modern world. Discuss alternative medicine, AIDS testing, or depression issues in nursing homes. Moreover, consider the topic of euthanasia: is it a murder, or death with dignity?

  19. Environment.
  20. Your paper may cover renewable energy or other ways to save the Earth. You can opt to write about rising sea levels or overpopulation, harms caused by plastic bags or dangers frog extinctions indicate.

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