Creating A Research Paper About The Societal Marketing Concept

Societal marketing is a concept in business studies that refers to a marketing approach where a business should keep the wants of the consumers, business preferences, and long-term benefit of the society in mind while creating a product or service. This is a relatively new approach to marketing and promotion as compared to traditional identifying the needs and maximizing profits. The concept is an interesting one and could be a great subject for creating and excellent research paper.

If you are new to the term societal marketing concept, you have to make sure that you understand it clearly. You can check the social and ethical considerations companies have to take into account while creating their marketing plan. This is a beneficial concept for both the company and the society. A company that aims to think well for the society will have consumer trust and loyalty. They can use this as their strength and a competitive advantage over others.

You should consider a few examples of the organizations observing societal marketing concept in your area or real life case studies to better understand the concept. This will help you have a clear and precise idea of your subject. An organization can be following this concept in various ways like

Consumer Health

Companies that create products without dangerous chemicals or preservatives and focus on providing the most sound and healthy products to their consumers can have long-term benefits.

No testing products on animals

If a company commits to have a clear process without testing on animals and causing any damage to living organisms then it would be following this concept

Eco friendly structure

Focusing more on recycling and organic products for the society and consumers

Supporting the local farms and businesses

Using local farms as the suppliers and encouraging local businesses gets customer trust and loyalty

You can pick any of the above areas and write about it in your research paper. You will have to develop a strong thesis statement after brainstorming and deal with concrete and real life examples to help create an effective research paper. The data you use in your paper should be valid and authenticated so that you can convince the readers of your ideas

Remember to evaluate the concept in your research because this would require incurring higher costs in the beginning but will have long run benefits

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