A List Of Up-To-Date Topics For A Research Paper In Science

Science topics can be engaging subjects to research. While science is a difficult class for many students, it offers a way to understand and view the world objectively. Once students are familiar with the terminology, they will be better able to understand this subject and delve into the latest controversies in the subject. To get started on a research paper on science, students can consider some of the following topics.

Up-to-Date Topics for a Research Paper in Science

  1. If local people are assisted in developing alternative economics like ecotourism, will it help to save endangered animals and areas?
  2. In the field of epigenetics, how did the Cultural Revolution in China and the Holocaust affect the DNA that was given to the next generation? Is there such a thing as behavioral epigenetics?
  3. How does dark energy work? How can people learn about the universe that we live in?
  4. What is chronic fatigue? Is it an actual disease?
  5. Which microbial factories can provide a solution to a raw materials solution?
  6. Which science fiction movies are actually plausible? For example, will humans ever drive flying cars?
  7. Could rare genetic disorders like Laron syndrome help scientists to understand cancer?
  8. How did speech develop? What primate social interactions provide scientists with clues about the beginnings of speech?
  9. Did human beings interact with Neanderthals?
  10. Is it necessary to have an annual doctor's checkup?
  11. How have meteorites helped us to learn about the universe?
  12. Why do people have to sleep? What happens if people do not get enough sleep?
  13. Why is it so difficult to eliminate malaria?
  14. What has been the most important discovery from the International Space Station?
  15. Is autism a type of brain damage? How can autistic savants be integrated into society?
  16. Why do some birds have beautifully colored feathers?
  17. How effective our our memories at recalling what really happens?
  18. What is gene therapy ?
  19. Why are Europeans against genetically modified crops? Is it due to scientific, economic or moral reasons?
  20. Why do humans need to explore space? Is there a justification for space exploration?
  21. How are scientists using insects as models for miniature robots?
  22. Is the paleo diet actually the way that prehistoric people once ate?
  23. How can nanotechnology be used for medical purposes? Do the benefits of medical nanotechnology outweigh the risks?
  24. Which previously eradicated diseases like whooping cough are starting to infect people again?
  25. What is a chimera and how could it be used in the field of stem cell research?

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