Overcoming Struggles When Writing a Research Paper

When you reach a roadblock or hurtle, it is important not to accept defeat, but to identify ways you can overcome the given struggle. When it comes to writing research papers some of the struggles you may encounter include writer’s block, brainstorming issues, trouble finding sources, time constraints, and writing skill problems. Now that we have identified potential issues, we have also outlined ways to overcome these struggles. When writing a research paper follow the guideline below to troubleshoot issues:

  • Brainstorming Issues
  • When starting your research paper you will most likely begin with a prompt from your teacher, professor or instructor. After given these initial instructions, it is time to brainstorm and give some thought to the topic you wish to write about. You want to make sure your topic is unique, interesting, and engaging. Sometimes you will experience issues coming up with an interesting, unique, and/or engaging topic. When this happens some great ways to overcome the problem is to explore out of the box resources, consult scholarly sources and dig deep. When you focus less on “what do I write about”, and more on exploring the field of the main prompt—you will likely happen up a great topic or even read something that sparks an original idea.

  • Trouble Finding Sources
  • After brainstorming and settling on an original and interesting topic, it is time to locate sources. This can sometimes be a problem area in the research paper writing process. In order to write a strong paper, you will require strong sources. When you have trouble locating these sources there are some easy steps you can take. These steps include: rethinking your research, consulting aid, and keeping an open mind. If you are not finding sources for your paper, it may be time to rethink the direction of your research. Visiting the writing lab at your school, library, or teacher can also help you redirect your attentions to find better sources.

  • Time Constraints
  • When writing a research paper it is crucial to set an agenda. When working on a final deadline, time constraints can make or break your finished product. By setting an agenda and sticking to it, you will be sure to complete your paper one doable step at a time.

Other issues that may arise include writing skill issues, lack of organization, and unoriginality. By developing a strong topic, finding strong sources, and sticking to an agenda, you will be better able to tackle issues such as these. Implement systems of organization and use all the help you can get to create the best research paper possible.

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