Effective Instructions For Crafting An A+ Term Paper

If you want to craft an A+ term paper, you should avoid the most common mistakes made by students everywhere and make an effort to circumvent them during your writing process.

Students often make the same errors when they write papers. By being cognizant of what errors are most common, you can avoid them:

  • Remember to follow the instructions clearly.
  • Read over the project assignment and any supplementary details. Ask you teacher for clarification if there is something that you do not understand.

  • Do not forget to proofread your content.
  • Check over your paper carefully for errors such as grammatical errors or spelling errors.

  • Check that your introduction and conclusion are properly developed.
  • If your introduction is not catchy, you won’t keep your readers interested in what you have to say. And without a properly written conclusion, the reader will not remember your main points or the evidence you supplied.

  • Review your paper for proper capitalization.
  • More often than not, students incorrectly capitalize nouns. Proper nouns, those that refer to people, organizations, or locations, should be capitalized, but common nouns such as man, mountain, or computer, should not be. Do not mix these up.

  • Verify that you used the correct “its” and “it’s”.
  • Remember that one is a pronoun and one is a shortened form of the word.

  • Check your paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph should house one core idea and should relate back to your thesis. Start new paragraphs when you start new ideas. You should have an average of one or two paragraphs per page, depending on the assignment details.

  • Remember to double check the page limit too.
  • You always want to meet the minimum page requirement. Never use fluff content or excessive fonts to try and fill space.

  • Look over your use of commas.
  • Only use them properly, to signify a pause. Read over your essay out loud and if you find a place where there is such a pause and yet it reads poorly, then fix the problem.

  • Check that your sentences are not run-on sentences.
  • If there are two independent clauses in your sentence without punctuation, that is considered a run-on sentence

  • Make sure, finally, that you have properly attached your essay.
  • Use staples, folders, clips, and have your name on each page so that if the paper needs to be reassembled, it can be done so in order.

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