Picking Up Strong Research Paper Topics About Global Issues

The first thing you need to do when writing a research paper about global issues is choosing a great topic. Experts generally provide two options: 1) your professor assigns you a list of topics or gives you parameters, and 2) you are free to select your own, so long as it relates to the course work you are covering.

If you are given the first option this generally means the professor has assigned these because they are appropriate challenges for students in his class – they shouldn’t be too difficult that there is no evidence to find, nor are they too simple that a student will have an easy time completing the assignment and essentially waste time.

If you are given the second option you will have to probably first get it approved by the professor. It’s a good idea to write down a few topic ideas as well as have one or two ready statements to answer questions the professor might ask. For instance, the professor may want to know why the topic interests you or what it is you are trying to achieve in choosing that particular one.

If you do have the chance to select your own, consider one of the following strong research paper topics on global issues:

  1. Analyze the effects of peacekeeping wives on preventing or deterring sexual abuse in overseas operations of the U.N.

  2. Research the belief that action on climate change is much less expensive than the amount that will be spent with inaction.

  3. Discuss how the big business nature of arms trading makes it difficult for there to be any effective way of prevention.

  4. How will cities (large populations) play a role in the fight for sustainable development throughout the world?

  5. Analyze how world military spending has contributed to the disparity between the wealthiest and poorest nations.

  6. Analyze how education leads to better students, citizens and a better world. What do the world’s nations need to do to improve educational standards.

  7. Discuss how power and politics (even greed) have affected the precarious balance of biodiversity.

  8. Discuss increasing rates of global poverty and the likely solutions that can reverse the effects.

  9. What more can be done by the world’s nations collectively to reverse or slow the negative effects of climate change on crops and the increase of population?

  10. Provide evidence towards the studies that show ecological limits to the ability for people to remain sustained on earth and how these limits are being pushed.

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