Useful Hints On How To Write A Research Paper Conclusion

A good conclusion to a research paper would provide great help in substantiating the amount of efforts you have put into preparing your research paper and would also attest the credibility and validity of your research. Therefore it is important that the conclusion is a perfect fit to your research problem that you planned to conquer with your research techniques and tools. A well planned research paper often needs a sound conclusion to provide weightage to your research work which will otherwise seem futile effort without a good conclusion and description of the results obtained in the research. A good conclusion expresses the researchers ideas on the research problem and is an apt solution to the problem which also plays a vital role in opening up new thinking and perspectives to look at the undertaken research problem. It is the final word of the researcher on the idea/ issue he plans to discuss in his/ her research pursuits.

Some hints to write a good conclusion for the research paper are given below:

  1. Give an appropriate solution to the problem discussed in the research paper.
  2. Elucidate your ideas through the research paper conclusion and give a clear indication of your views and opinions on the topic discussed in the research paper.
  3. Support your conclusion with a logical argument to be posed as a fitting answer to the research problem which is backed with proper reason and concepts developed through research.
  4. While restating your findings of research undertaken, make sure you cite enough evidence in support of your argument or solution by use of any anecdote and its further discussion or examples cited in support or any statistical figure obtained through research in support of your conclusive statement. Either ways the research conclusion must be validated through proper evidence on findings of research.
  5. Sometimes the arguments presented in the research are sorted in a random manner in the paper therefore it requires the researcher to frame all the arguments discussed in paper in its conclusion and then sum up his/ her views on those arguments as against the research evidence discussed in the paper.
  6. The research conclusion must also provide the necessary recommendations to deal with the research problem.
  7. The conclusion of research paper must be developed along with providing future directions to pursue research on the chosen field by claiming the importance of the research problem and its implications.

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