Creating A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper About Stress Management

Writing research paper conclusion work should be done carefully. It is to be ended on a sweet note with an optimistic message attached to it. Conclusion shapes up the story, validates your point and strengthens your content. A conclusion sums up the story you wrote and your research work in few lines or a paragraph.

What you derived from the research, what objectives you have regarding the final work can be content of your conclusion. Writing a conclusion on stress management may include the bad effects of stress and tips to overcome it. A conclusion should not be overcrowded with points and bullets. It should be simple and subtle summarizing all the points previously established.

Simple things that you may follow

A suggested conclusion in a work on stress management can be made according to the research work done. In general it can go on with its negative effects and solution to it. It can somehow be based like this: Stress can pull you down. Stress can disturb your work. It distorts the free flow of thoughts in your mind.

Stress can cause a mental block. Not only mental block, it can cause you physical disorders also. Uneven sleep, loss of appetite, weight loss all comes along with holding stress. Stress is not always in our hands. Getting along with life sometimes produce stress. But more than concentrating on stress you should be concentrating on points to eliminate the stress. Holding stress can cause depression and the best way is to open you up to someone. Sometime counseling may help in handling excessive stress.

Concluding words

A conclusion should be crisp and well built. No unnecessary points, bullets or elaborate descriptions are required in the concluding paragraph of the research paper. The conclusion is the one after which the reader will now judge and perceive the paper on his own.

So it might raise a question into the reader’s mind or may plot some points on them or may simply tell a story. Whatever it may be, it should be well constructed and told well. Not every research work needs a conclusion that has a short deep message in it but it must have the point on which the whole research work is based.

Stress can be caused from excessive work pressure, due to constant indecisiveness, if opened against bullying/ragging/teasing or from mental breakdown due to personal reasons.

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