Where To Get An Example Of A Research Paper Discussion Section

If you want to write a really good discussion section for your dissertation paper then the best place to start is by looking at other research papers and look at their qualities.

This is really the same for any type of writing. You need to experience what is expected for you before you start writing. You may have already picked up some tips from papers you have read during your literature search.

What do you need to look for?

  • You will need to see examples of discussion sections from your field of study.
  • Ideally you will need to see several examples (at least one of each, poor, acceptable and outstanding)

You will benefit from focusing on several aspects.

  • The way the writer deals with the statistics from the results section.
  • The logical flow of ideas.
  • Construction of paragraphs (introductory sentence; main section; and the concluding sentence that also help move to the content of the next paragraph)
  • The way that the writer deals with the most important aspects of the results and how it relates to their hypothesis.

Where to look for examples

  • Your professor may be able to provide you with some examples. These will be good because they will relate to your field of study.
  • Ask in the school or college library. The Librarian will be able to help you access several examples.
  • Have a look at some of the academic web sites that specialize in your area of study.
  • Choose your key words carefully and remember the order in which you used them (if you change the order of your key words you may get a different set of results).

When you have found some suitable examples remember to refer to the instructions that you were given for your dissertation so you have can make a comparison between what is expected in your paper and what you are reading in the illustration.

And more ideas

There are several online videos that are available, that may be very helpful. Ideally look for an example that is annotated so you know what qualities that person who is marking the paper is focusing on and what they are discrediting.

If you cannot find what you need when you find a suitable online site then send them a message and ask if they can help you.

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