Searching For An Example Of A Term Paper On Ethics

When you are talking about moral principles in your paper, you have the chance to change the mentality of your classmates, so you need to be very careful what topic you choose. There are so many areas to analyze and so many factors to be taken into consideration. Besides, the topic is not the only thing that matters. Like for any other essay you need to take care what language you use, to try to put it on a suitable structure and to use trustworthy sources that will provide valid information. These are some examples of topics that you can choose for your term paper.

  • Baking. This topic is always discussed in the finances world, as many banks offer loans with high commission that is increasing in time. The problem is that people reach to the point where they can’t pay their duty anymore, so the bank can take their properties.

  • Abortion. Many countries consider that is the right of any woman to choose what she is doing with her body but is it really a correct decision? There are some voices that say that abortion is actually murder because they are taking the life of another human being, even if he is not born yet.

  • Euthanasia. In some parts of the world, people can open a case in the court and gain their right to commit assisted suicide. There are medical and psychological exams that are done, and if they show that the person took a responsible decision, a team of doctors will administrate a lethal substance to end their life.

  • Using animals in the fashion industry. Many of the makeup products that are on the market nowadays are actually tested on animals. Many times there were reported cases of animals who are abused or tortured in the laboratories. Since they are kept only for the purpose of products testing, how fair this practice actually is?

  • Legalization of marijuana. Some states did this using as argument the improvement of the economy. On the other hand, this means that teenagers and young people have easy access to substances that can become dangerous when they are consumed in large quantities.

  • Death penalty. Even if nowadays it is only allowed in a few regions, it is still an issue that is constantly creating debates. It is applied for the most dangerous criminals, but some citizens think that nobody has the right to take the life of another human being.

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