Building Up An MLA Formatted Outline For Your Research Paper

The past fifty years have seen many schools and colleges introduce the MLA format into their system. As a result of this, it is not unlikely that you will at some point have to write a research paper using the MLA format. Despite its recent growth in popularity, The MLA formate can prove confusing to a lot of people. But there's no need to This article will show you how to write a MLA formatted outline for your research paper.

  1. Use a computer-
    • When using the MLA writing format, you should always type your work using a computer, this will make it easier when it comes to page measurements.
    • When printing out your research paper outline, you should use 8.5x11 inch paper... Which is just regular paper if you're not a paper enthusiast.

  2. Use correct spacing -
    • Spacing is important when writing in the MLA format. Punctuation marks should aways be followed by a single space.
    • Your research paper and outline should have a margin of one inch on each side.

  3. Use italics -
    • When discussing works it is advisable (but not essential) to put the title in italics. Naturally, titles should also be in quotation marks.
    • Other than in the aforementioned scenarios, italics should be avoided and only used if they are absolutely necessary.

  4. Decide what headings you will use -
    • The MLA format suggests that you break your work down into various subsections, so it is a good idea to decide what headings you will be using in your outline.
    • Subsections will make your research paper easier to read. Imagine if Wikipedia didn't separate Early years, Later years and Personal life. It would be chaos trying to find out who got divorced and from whom.

  5. Decide what will be included as notes -
    • MLA formatted papers do not have notes on the same page as the cited works. Instead, they should be placed on  separate page entitled "End notes".
    • In the outline for your research paper, you should decide what you will include as a note on the final page as it will help you avoid information overload and poor sentence structure in the main body of the essay.

So there you go, five tips to help you with MLA formatting when writing your research paper outline.   Now you can write your MLA formatted research paper with ease! Or at least it will be a little less difficult.

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