List Of Unique Research Paper Topics On The Great Depression

Completing your research paper about the period of the Great Depression is interesting. As you work on your project, use various sources available in the school library, such as books, historical documents, and memoirs, as well as the links provided by your professor. To select a unique topic idea, study the suggestions below to get inspired or use the helpful resources provided by the writing lab.

The Great Depression Research Paper Topic Ideas to Consider

  1. Jim Crow laws: their origin, and impact on African Americans.
  2. The mission and methods used by the Ku Klux Clan.
  3. The influence of the lynchings on local communities.
  4. The major and minor factors that led to the Great Depression.
  5. “Black Tuesday” and its impact on the economic prosperity of the Americans.
  6. The Americans who were hardest hit and how they were influenced by the crisis.
  7. The Dust Bowl: how could it be prevented?
  8. The problems that aroused in California: migrant farming and the “Okies.”
  9. Scientific racism: the views of W.E.B. Dubois on the issue.
  10. The Tuskegee Institute: foundation, purpose, and its impact on improving the life of the blacks in America.
  11. The problem of “segregated schools”: the reasons why such institutions were created.
  12. A Landmark case: the main points, parties involved, and the final decision.
  13. Hoover’s policies: worsening the effects of the Great Depression.
  14. The New Deal: transforming American politics.
  15. The differences between the First New Deal and the Second New Deal.

Choosing a Good Research Paper Topic in History

Historical papers often require plenty of reading, so you should determine a general area of interest and then narrow down your topic.

You need to think of the format of your research assignment. Do you want to compare or contrast something? Are you interested in social change? Would you like to tell a story of famous women, like Linda Brown, and their contribution?

It’s a good idea to come up with a list of keywords, e.g. the Great Depression, racism, discrimination, economic crisis, etc., and then search for sample prompts on the Web.

You may formulate your topic as a question to answer in your writing. Try to come up with a “Why?” or “How?” question because they’re the most interesting ones to address.

Your instructor will appreciate if you pick a topic covered in class and study it from a different perspective, so revise your notes to draw inspiration.

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