Controversial Medical Topics For A Research Paper

A research paper is, at its core, an argument based on your thesis, which is supported by evidence from multiple sources. No matter the subject, it is actually a straightforward project which you can do step by step. In order to craft a great paper you should complete all of the steps below:

  • Find your topic
  • Find your source
  • Stake notes
  • Arrange your notes
  • Write your outline
  • Write your first draft
  • Revise
  • Proofread

Finding Your Topic

If you have the freedom to pick any topic, then you should search for something that you have always been passionate about. Find something that fascinates you. Narrow down your choices within the field of medicine and find three specific questions that you want to answer about that topic. Many students fail to pick a topic that is concise enough. By picking three specific questions you want to answer about your topic, you can turn one of them into your thesis—after you conduct some research of course.

Make sure to do some preliminary internet research before you start writing to make sure that enough academic and scholarly information exists on the subject. If there is not enough information or it all supports the opposition, then you may need to change your topic.

Now, the field of medicine has many controversial topics such as:

  • Stem cell research
  • Physician assisted suicide
  • Abortion
  • Etc…

So it is important to delve into the controversial topics a bit deeper. You might consider the following topics:

  • How harmful is artificial sugar?
  • What does current research say about the benefits of pet therapy?
  • Should foods that have been genetically altered come with a special label?
  • Has the use of mobile devices improved nursing?
  • Do grandmothers actually help people live longer?
  • Should high school sporting events ban the use of energy drinks?
  • Do teens use prescription pills as the new street drug? Is there anything that can be done to stop it?
  • Are pandemics a serious threat or is the media making it out to be something bigger than it is?
  • Is childhood obesity influenced negatively by advertising?
  • Has there been too much media hype about toxins at the home and their influence on public health? Are things such as food additives, lead, and mold really as harmful as they are being made to seem?
  • Are video games negatively influencing development for children?

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