How To Write A Winning Ethics Research Paper Topic

When students write ethics research papers, they face some unique challenges. One of the main problems is that you have to argue for a specific position, rather than describe a position of someone else. Therefore, you have to come up with strong arguments and counterarguments, ensure their validities, and use reliable sources that will strengthen your position.

In order to write a winning ethics paper, you should take five important steps:

  1. Consider a research paper topic carefully.
  2. Everyone knows that it is important to select a winning research paper topic, but few students try hard to do it. If your instructor assigned a topic, you should work with what you were given. Otherwise, consider different strategies that might help you come up with a right topic.

  3. Study different topic selection strategies and use the one you like the most.
  4. Students use several main strategies in order to develop winning topics for their research papers, including:

    • Brainstorming the ideas together with their classmates.
    • Asking their instructors for help.
    • Visiting the school library and looking through collections of topics and sample ethics research papers.
    • Talking to former students.
    • Searching for lists of ethics topics for research papers online using websites of academic writing agencies.

  5. Narrow down a chosen topic.
  6. Students often choose broad topics that cannot be developed effectively in the scope of their research, so therefore they need to narrow chosen topics down and focus their research. Your research issue should be specific so you can study it deeply and describe it in your paper in detail.

  7. Refine your topic after you have begun working on your paper.
  8. Do not stick to the topic as it is. It is absolutely acceptable to refine the topic while you are writing. It makes sense to consult your supervisor to make sure that the topic is good enough.

  9. Revise the topic after you complete your paper.
  10. Do not skip this important step. You must ensure that the topic still corresponds to your writing. In many cases, it is better to formulate it in a slightly different way so it represents the content of your research paper better.

Some interesting topics for you to start with are listed below:

  • What is the difference between ethical and non-ethical issues?
  • Why do people act morally?
  • What are some moral principles that are considered universal at all times?
  • Why do many people accept religious ethics?
  • What is ethical egoism, and why is it dangerous for personal relationships?

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