Ten Compelling Business Topics For Research Papers


Do not fear discussing present topics in business today. Often, students think there will be too little research on current topics, but actually, present topics are not only compelling and interesting but also have plenty of discussion about them on the web. In fact, interesting discussions between important theorists in business, marketing, economics, advertising, and other major industries in business.

Finding Great Topics for Exploration in Current Business Issues on Campus

Academic libraries are great for finding topics for new ideas in any subject. A simple browse through the stacks in the business section at your institution’s library will give you all kinds of new ideas to write about.

Also, a really good way to get more current issues to analyze in current business is to browse the newest business journals. Typically, every academic institution’s library displays the newest publication of journals in different academic majors and areas. Flip through one of these journals and you’ll see articles on the hottest topics in business today.

Finding Great Topics for Current Business Research Online

Online searches are a great way to discover new ideas in current business research.

First, check university website for current student’s thesis topics. Often, as opposed to a dissertation topic, thesis length topics can be approached in a shorter research paper. These will not only give you exact topics you could write about, they will also give you ideas you can tweak and make a more do-able short project.

Also, try searches for “great current topics for business research papers/essays,” or try “original topics for business research essays” or “what are the best topics for business to write about now?”

Ask Your Teacher But. . .

Don’t approach your professor or teacher about your idea for a paper but bring with you several working topics to discuss. Often, if you discuss your project with a teacher after you have gathered some working ideas, they will see you have been trying on your own first.

Great Topics in Current Business

  1. Complexity Theory and Business Markets Today
  2. Slogans and Their Effect on Businesses Today
  3. Transformational Leadership in Business Today: Assessing Its Effectiveness
  4. Holistic Website Perceptions: Its Relevance for Businesses Today
  5. Importer Trust in Developing Countries
  6. The Cooperative Competency Perspective: Knowledge Transfer Today
  7. The Biotech Medical Industry: Innovative Capital
  8. Brand Passion Harmony and Obsession: A New Dualistic Approach to the Fascinating Study of Brand Commitment and Passion
  9. Luxury Advertising: How Luxury Advertising Affects Consumer Perception, Behaviors, and Attitudes
  10. Branding and the Online Experience

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