Writing A Decent Term Paper About Journalism: 8 Things To Remember

Oh no! Not only do you have a stack of course work, you now also have to write a decent term paper about journalism! You could well be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to put in- but hey, nobody said education was easy!

There's no need to worry about such things because, with the right approach and organization, you are bound to succeed. Remember, there is always help available!

  1. Journalism is a big topic, so the first thing to consider is exactly what area you are going to be writing about. This could be a specific field of journalism like music, fashion, sports or news. You may want to write about a broader subject such as journalism and free speech, or even journalism and propaganda. Perhaps you want to focus on a particular magazine or newspaper; like Charlie Hebdo. Or maybe you want to focus on a particular news story, such as Iran's nuclear program; where you could look at various global journalistic approaches.

  2. Make sure you have a good think about the various ideas available to you and pick a topic that you both know a fair bit about and which you're also passionate about- the combination of those two factors will help you succeed in writing that masterpiece of an essay that you want to create!

  3. Remember to contain plenty of references to back up your claims and ideas. Acknowledging sources is vital for both creating a polished paper and for avoiding any plagiarism!
  4. Make sure you have researched your topic fully so that you can include different perspectives in a balanced way.
  5. Having said that, you don't want to get too bogged down. For one thing, journalism topics may have many more resources for you to study- seeing as much content could conceivably come from newspapers, magazines and journals- of which there are many! The more specific you can be with your subject, the more you'll be able to find and use more select references as your cited sources.
  6. Be sure to stick to the brief you've detailed in your title and introduction. There's nothing worse than straying from your point when so much other worthy information could be included.
  7. Write notes in an organized fashion before beginning the actual writing of the essay, so you have the information you want to include already set out.
  8. Write a first draft. Then re-read it, edit and polish! The more time you spend on your paper, the better it will be.
  9. Remember to include a good introduction and conclusion to your essay- these are just as important as the main body of the text.

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