How To Choose Interesting History Research Paper Topics

World history is full of interesting, intriguing, and exciting events. That’s why a history research paper shouldn’t be just a list of facts. Your research should reveal only some aspects of a historical event that interests you. The following topics will be interesting not only to the readers, but also to you:

  1. How World War I and World War II are connected.
  2. Discuss whether the results of the First World War became a basis for the Second World War. Describe the role of the League of Nations. Why did its mission fail? What decisions were crucial for the beginning of a new war?

  3. The nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  4. Historians still argue whether the use of nuclear weapons against these two cities was necessary. Write about the main effects of this attack. Formulate your position and try to back it up.

  5. Influential personalities in world history.
  6. You can write about the lives of some famous personalities who have changed history. They can be the heads of states, politicians, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, warlords, or artists.

  7. The history of terrorism.
  8. Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. Its history goes back several centuries. You can narrow this topic down to the history of terrorism in some states, or just write about certain terrorist acts.

  9. The history of feminism.
  10. You can find women who fought for their rights throughout history. There are a lot of aspects of this topic, from suffragists to certain personalities in the history of feminism.

  11. The history of ancient civilizations.
  12. Choose an ancient civilization that interests you and write about the reasons of its rise or fall; discuss some controversial information about it, and catch your reader’s attention with some mysteries.

  13. The Industrial Revolution.
  14. You can write about the great impact of the Industrial Revolution on different aspects of social life, and about the way it influenced the modern world.

  15. The history of religions.
  16. Write about the history of religions in general, or choose a certain religious history.

  17. The history of the Israel and Palestine War.
  18. Since the conflict between these two states is not over yet, this topic is heated and actual. Discuss its reasons and consequences for the world’s history. For example, you can write about the rise of terrorism that was led by the Israel and Palestine War.

  19. European colonialism.
  20. Research the reasons and consequences of European colonialism. Write about its influence on the development of different states and on the modern world. You can also add some information about colonies gaining independence.

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