Where To Find A Sample Research Paper: Free Academic Help Online

The plight of students everywhere is the need for free help with various aspects of their academic career. It is an accepted fact that many students do not the money or resources to get the services, items, and help that they need to have a successful experience. One item very commonly needed is samples of various papers and assignments. Some of the most commonly needed papers are research papers and various essays. Listed here is how to find free academic help online, specifically samples of research papers.


The first place to start is doing a simple online search to see what is available. Start with a basic search such as “sample research papers” or “free research paper samples”. After sorting through those do another, more specific search that includes the subject of the type of paper you are writing.

There are several good sites out there, but there are also plenty of fraudulent sites and virus-ridden sites. When choosing a site to use the best ones to look for are academic resources such as universities and academic libraries. These websites often have an “.edu” ending rather than “.com” or “.net”. These sites are invariably more reliable and safer.

There are two kinds of websites that you will find, those that offer the samples for free and those that require either a one-time payment or a monthly membership. The ones that offer free service are good if you are on a tight budget, but the samples will often be of a lower quality and tend to be outdated. The sites that require payment tend to be of a higher quality; however, be cautious of which ones you use because they can be frauds, hacks, phishing tactics, and identity theft sources. Know the site BEFORE you input any credit card or banking information. A good practice is to use a reloadable prepaid gift/debit card that is not attached to any other account and does require personal information. That way even if you fall prey to a scam, the only thing you stand to lose is whatever amount of money is one that card rather than full blown identity theft and/or having your bank account emptied.

Schools and Universities

Another good place to search for samples of research papers is in your schools public databases. Old papers by students that came before are stored here. Another option of course is to ask older siblings, friends, sorority/fraternity mates, or older family members if you can use any of their old papers as samples.

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