Help Me Find A Nice Topic For A Term Paper: 20 Brilliant Titles

Every student should realize well that a topic and a title of their term papers are very important. In fact, choosing a topic for such a big and significant research, you choose the mood in which you are going to spend the following months.

If you are forced to write a paper dedicated to a topic you don’t like, you will hardly love the process of writing in general. So, if it’s possible, you should choose the one that makes you want to learn more and share the information in your research.

The title is a thing that determines readers’ attraction to the paper. Without a good title or with an uninteresting, complicated, overly used, or unclear one, your work will gather dust in the library of your college. So, it means that the choice of a good title is what you need to gain your work some success.

Below, you will also find some suggestions for a term paper, which can be used as you wish.

  1. The problem of underpaid labor in the USA. – “Cheap labor in the USA: unethical treatment of workers or a big favor for the unemployed?”
  2. The importance of healthy lifestyle propaganda. – “The effect of treadmill desk usage for employees with mostly sedentary jobs”.
  3. The problem of the so-called “wage gap” between the genders. – “Is there an explanation to the fact that each $1 earned by a man costs only $75 for a woman?”
  4. A question of social equity. – “Is it reasonable to set a maximum wage threshold that should not be trespassed within a certain society?”
  5. The problem of dedicating too much time to work. – “The influence of excess dedication to working on the productivity”,
  6. “Is it possible to show the same productivity with fewer working hours per week?”,
  7. “Should the employment law be changed to give people in the USA more free time apart from working hard?”
  8. The problem of family infidelity. – “Should cheaters be punished by the law?”
  9. The matter of cohabitation vs. marriage. – “The reasons why people still get married, having the same life in cohabitation.”
  10. The problem of children-parents relationships. – “Is the excessive control many parents show really necessary?”
  11. The matter of legal responsibility. – “Should parents bear any responsibility for their children’s misdemeanor?”,
  12. “Should underage offenders who break the law be prosecuted as adults?”
  13. The matter of gender equity. – “The true usefulness of single-sex education facilities”,
  14. “Are statutory rape laws kinder towards females, discriminating males at the same time?”
  15. The matter of social anxiety. – “Are the United States a society of anxiety?”
  16. The problem of terrorism. – “What can justify terrorism?”
  17. The problem of advertising. – “The reasons why advertising of tobacco, alcohol, etc. should be banned”.
  18. The problem of parental censorship. – “Should parents have all rights to censor the books their children use at school?”.
  19. The problem of pornography spreading. – “Can bans hold children from reaching and watching pornography?”
  20. The problem of racism. – “Is the majority of TV production still mostly oriented at white people?”

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