A Collection Of Good 8th Grade Research Paper Topics

If you are an 8th grade student, choosing a research paper topic might be challenging. Most eight graders do not have enough writing experience, and might find it difficult to come up with good ideas for their assignments. It is very important to focus your study, select an interesting study subject, and find credible sources. One of the best ways to get started is to study a collection of sample research paper topics, so check the following ideas in order to get inspired:

  1. Ideas in history.
  2. If you like studying history, you have a vast array of ideas to consider. For example, you can write about a historical event important for your state’s development, study a biography of a famous personality, or analyze why something happened somewhere. It is also interesting to write about a particular historical period in a region or country of your choice.

  3. Ideas in science.
  4. Science ideas are great for any research paper. You can choose from dozens of study subjects. If you are interested in biology, you can write about animals and their habitat, plants and agriculture, irrigation technologies, new fertilizers, and so on. Remember to narrow your topic down, limit the number of key ideas, and keep them simple and easy to understand.

  5. Ideas in math.
  6. Math is a hard subject for most students, so it is not surprising that they do not think about research paper topics in math. However, there are many simple ideas that you can explore in your assignment. For example, write about different tips and tricks that would help students deal with math homework, analyze useful problem-solving approaches, or create a collection of math software that is helpful while studying math.

  7. Ideas in literature.
  8. Being an 8th grade student, you should know how to analyze a piece of literature. You can choose a novel or short story that you like and determine its major themes, analyze relationships between different characters, describe the main character, or compare and contrast the social issues mentioned in the work with those that you face in everyday life.

  9. Ideas about places to visit.
  10. In the world, there are plenty of places worth visiting. You can describe an area that you have recently explored or study a place which you want to visit. You can describe one of the famous European museums, waterfalls in Brazil, ancient temples in Egypt, or skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates. You can write a descriptive assignment, or compare and contrast two places of interest.

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