Psychology Research Paper Topics That Will Amaze The Reader

As any student being asked to write a research paper will know, the choice of topic is the key in many ways to your success. If you choose a topic which you are keen to write about and which is likely to impress the reader, you're off to a flying start. Of course you need an excellent thesis statement and you need to read widely so as to discover excellent information to be used in support of your thesis statement. But the bottom line will always be that both you and the reader of your research paper need to be enthusiastic. How do you make that happen?

Well as already mentioned the first thing is your enthusiasm for the topic. If that is not there it will show in your writing. And writing with a lack of enthusiasm will certainly not impress the teacher or professor, the person most likely to be reading your research paper.

The second thing is the popularity of your chosen research paper topic. If you settle on a topic which has been written about countless times by students before, you run the risk of having your work compared to theirs and of causing the reader of your research paper to tear out his or her hair. So finding an unusual or better still a unique topic could well be a real advantage.

Something brand-new can always be helpful

The beauty of writing a research paper is that you can select a topic which has only recently come into our world of knowledge. There are many research paper topics in the subject of psychology which have been available for decades if not longer. For example writing about depression could be seen as choosing a well-worn and well written about topic. However, if you were to write about the impact on society of designer babies you would be tackling a psychology topic which is fairly recent.

Here are some psychology research paper topics which may well set your readers mind alight.

  1. Is there a link between watching television and obesity?
  2. Has the removal of domestic science subjects in high school impacted on the cooking ability of adults?
  3. What is the relationship between the media detailing self-harm and suicide stories and such events actually happening?
  4. Is it possible to legislate in favour of morality?
  5. Do people have a mental addiction to fast food?

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