Great Tips For Writing A Term Paper In 10 Days

Writing a term paper is a very challenging job. Students take weeks even months to write a term paper. The main reason is that they do not plan their paper. If you set a timeline for yourself and a daily word count then you will be able to complete your term paper on time. Usually the case is that, students are very motivated for their paper in the beginning. They go home, do all the research, make notes, and even write a chapter or half to finish on time. However, this passion of finishing the research paper in a day fades away the same way it comes. To be able to stay on the track, you need to divide your work. On the first day, when you are motivated, you should sit down and calculate your time. If you want to finish your paper and you have, limited days then you need to follow a routine. Suppose you have ten days for your research paper and you are stressing out that you will not be able to complete it. This is how you will divide your paper on days and finish in 10 days.

  • Day 1: Study your subject
  • Spend the first day in understanding your subject. You can take all the time you have to research your subject in and out. Divide your subject into sub-categories so that you can reduce the efforts. Do not research the entire subject. Only focus on the area that you are interested in. The best thing you can do is draw a chart paper or web diagram to divide your subject into different categories. Carefully pick one category that you are most comfortable with.

  • Day 2: Choose a topic
  • The next thing you need to do after the category for your term paper, you can then choose a topic. Think about a few topics that you can use and then choose the best one. You can also merge two different topics in one to get the best topic for your paper.

    After the topic selection, you can divide your work among the rest of the days

  • Day 3: Research for the specific topic

  • Day 4: Plan the writing phase

  • Day 5: Create an outline for your paper

  • Day 6: Create body paragraphs

  • Day 7: Arrange the body of your paper in a logical order

  • Day 8: Write the conclusion and introduction paragraphs

  • Day 9: Edit your paper

  • Day 10: Proof read your paper

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