Useful Advice On How To Choose A Good Term Paper Topic

How exactly do you go about choosing a good term paper topic? If you’ve got a term paper to write, you may very well be asking yourself that question! Do you need some useful advice on how to choose a good topic? Well, if so, you’re looking in the right place. There’s always help for those who ask, so here’s my useful advice on how to go about things:

Choose something of interest.

If you have been given free reign over what topic to choose, this can be good and bad. Good because you get to choose whatever you want, and bad because there are so many subjects to choose from that it might feel impossible to select the right one. So, first off, you should know that it’s best to choose a subject that you’re interested in. Your passion for a subject will come across in your writing and this will help to engage the reader.


You should also select a topic that can be researched well. You will need to present lots of references to back up your statements, so make sure that plenty of information is available.

Check the requirements.

If your term paper is of a specific type, you should pick a topic that fits the criteria. For instance, you may have been set a reflective or comparative or descriptive essay, and each one would have different requirements. Be sure that you know what the guidelines are for your own paper; if you don’t know, simply ask your teacher.

Find examples.

Have a look at what other students have used as their subjects. In your campus library archives, you’ll find plenty of examples. You can also find lots of ideas online of course- but make sure that you’re getting good advice. Stick to educational websites and you’ll find some great lists of ideas.


If you’re having trouble deciding between several subjects of interest, it’s useful to make a list of them and consider each one carefully. Ask questions of each one to see which best fits the criteria.

Narrowing it down.

Once you have a broad subject chosen, you will need to narrow it down to a specific question or issue. The more particular and original you can be about a topic, the better.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the subject of the penal system. You could therefore arrive at a topic question such as: ‘What can be done to reduce the vicious cycle of imprisoning drug users who are then usually easily able to illegally buy drugs when inside prison?’

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