20 Interesting Argument Research Paper Topics To Consider

The argument variety of essay is the most exciting one to write. It gives you the chance to express your stance on a topic that you care about. Not everyone can speak freely to people. Besides, a face to face discussion has different dynamics: You get to talk for a limited amount of time, have to keep your tone moderated, and care about the other participants’ feelings and reactions. Not so with writing! You can actually advance your argument based on solid evidence, without any emotional scenes threatening to destroy it.

When choosing a topic to write your argument essay on, keep all of the above in mind and select something you feel strongly about. Research your topic carefully and thoroughly. Your conviction backed by organized arguments and evidence will guarantee an outstanding work of art.

Following are some examples of highly debatable topics you can sink your teeth into:

  1. Is death penalty a deterrent to future crime?
  2. Is global terrorism a planned occurrence?
  3. Do the media promote religious division?
  4. Are there strong economic roots of terrorism?
  5. Is racism genetic?
  6. Should fetuses with severe genetic abnormalities be aborted?
  7. Has the US lost the Afghan war?
  8. Is Capitalism the crowning glory of human evolution?
  9. Can poverty be eradicated?
  10. Is psychiatric/behavioral illness organic (in the body)?
  11. Is the price of fuel declining due to increased supply/reduced demand?
  12. Is feminism a reactionary phenomenon?
  13. Has the human society always been patriarchal?
  14. Is the powerful 1% of the world exposing the rest of the world to continuous danger?
  15. Is a work-from-home career sustainable?
  16. Does the personality type determine how rich an individual will be?
  17. Is astrology a real science?
  18. Is talent a natural gift?
  19. Is domestic violence over-reported?
  20. Is privatization of the US prisons a good decision?

This is not an exhaustive list. Actually, far from it. However, it gives some hot buttons you can push to your liking. Nothing makes a piece of writing more interesting than uniqueness and controversy. Take a different stand, look through new lenses, develop your own theories, and have fun while doing it! You might find the research and development of your paper or essay more taxing than you bargained for, but it is worth it. Anyway, all glorious writing companies out there can assist you through the way.

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