A List Of Original Accounting Term Paper Topics To Explore

Writing an account term paper can be difficult for students who are just good at running numbers. To get a good grade in an accounting class, students must be able to demonstrate their knowledge in writing. The best accounting papers use completely original ideas and topics. They are well-researched and contain a number of sources that back up the argument. Students who want a head start on the writing process can try using some of the following accounting topics. Each topic can be modified to suit a specific accounting class, or it can be used as it is written.

Accounting Topics

  1. How do accounting ethics apply when an accountant must work with the Securities and Exchange Commission?
  2. What is auditing collusion? How can an accountant avoid this?
  3. Has offshore accounting increased in the last few years? How has this changed the role of accountants in the United States?
  4. What are accounting ethics? How do they apply to everyday accounting work?
  5. What caused the bookkeeping system to develop?
  6. What role do financial markets play in the global economy?
  7. How has cash flow changed over time?
  8. What are some of the best techniques for earnings management?
  9. What are some of the latest apps and software programs for accountants?
  10. What is the impact of tax preparation software programs on the accounting industry?
  11. How does someone become a certified accountant? What is required?
  12. What role does a corporation's culture have on influencing the accounting procedures that it adopts?
  13. What role do freelance, online accountants have in the marketplace?
  14. How can an accountant reduce an individual's or a corporation's tax burden?
  15. How can accounting information help managers make better decisions?
  16. How has modern technology helped or hindered the accounting industry?
  17. Review ten sample individuals or corporations. How many paid more than necessary for taxes because they did not understand the tax code? Extrapolate and figure out what this means for the broader United States economy?
  18. How does a company's culture influence accounting?
  19. What are techniques for fixing and stopping problems in debt management? Are there ways that accountants can prevent problems?
  20. What are some of the problems associated with using accounting information systems?
  21. Is it better for individuals to pay less and use accounting software rather than hire a traditional accountant?
  22. Will the number of accounting jobs increase in the coming years? How does technology reduce the need for accountants?
  23. What are some of the abilities that an accountant needs to start their own firm? Should they take classes in branding, marketing and business?
  24. Al Capone was finally caught for tax evasion. Look at this and other historical cases when an accountant would have been useful.

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