List Of Intriguing Research Paper Topics About UFO

UFO, isn’t that imaginary?

Whenever you hear of UFOs, you think of aliens walking out of a spaceship in a sci-fi movie. There has been an age long controversy about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. Although it has never been proved that they exist, there is no evidence to prove otherwise as well. So what better and cooler topic to write your research paper on than UFOs. You will get enough facts available online, enough existing research done in the field as well.

Topic ideas for your research paper

There are so many things that has yet to be cultivated, so many perspectives that has not been considered, that it is very easy to get side tracked. It is good to have a few suggestions at hand, so that you can choose from them and not go rogue. Some of the best ideas include

  • Physical Evidence- you can write on all the evidence that has been found out over the years. There have been many unusual readings, such as electromagnetic readings, some psychological anomalies that are thought to be effect of UFOs. There are photographs and video evidence available as well. You can base your research paper on these evidences. You will find them catalogued in many places and on the internet as well.

  • Abduction stories – there are thousands and thousands of sightings. Many people have told how they were taken up by aliens and they did test and research on them and these statements have been recorded. You can go through this perspective as well and write on it.

  • Cover-ups – the government has been very prompt to cover up any real evidence or stories. They put up stories like unannounced flight testing, air troopers and what not to cancel out UFOs and prevent public panic. You can cultivate this angel as well.

  • Sightings – there has been many sightings of UFOs across the world. People have not only seen disc like shapes in the night sky, but people also have seen UFOs coming out of basements. While most of these are scams, some might be true. It would be interesting to study these sightings in your research paper.

  • International stories – you can concentrate on International stories as well, think out of the box. The available resource and information is much more.

  • Government studies – despite what they say, the government conducts underground studies on the existence of extra terrestrial life. You might consider that as a research topic paper also.

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