A List Of Inspiring Research Paper Topics On American History

Students sometimes think that American history is as exciting as watching paint dry. It seems to be nothing more than dates and titles of various laws. American history can be both interesting and inspiring depending on how it is taught, including the assignments handed to a student. Research papers are a way to get a better understanding of how history was made and what developments resulted. With the right type of topic a student’s attitude towards American history can change dramatically. Here are some suggestions.

  • Moonshine and the Prohibition. How Appalachia responded to the ban on alcohol and the making of homemade liquor;

  • The Peace Movement during the American Civil War. Examine how Copperheads and antiwar advocates influenced American policy, and what impact the peace movement could have had on abolition of slavery;

  • The Historical Response to Hurricanes. This can be a compare and contrast research paper on how government responded to the Galveston hurricane, Hurricane Hugo, and Hurricane Katrina;

  • The American Invasion of Mexico. Explain the American expeditionary force led by Gen. Pershing and if it prepared the US Army for later involvement in World War I;

  • Iroquois Imperialism and the American Colonies. How Iroquois involvement and possible interference impacted the relations between Indians and white settlers;

  • The Louisiana Question. The American government discovered a large population of free black citizens in New Orleans at the time the Louisiana Purchase. How was this handled?

  • The American Government Reaction to the Holocaust. Did the Roosevelt administration know the existence of Auschwitz and the death camps? If so, how did they deal with that information?

The assignment of the research paper is intended to accomplish two primary objectives. The first is to offer a student the opportunity to learn how to do research into a topical area. It enables the young learner to have a better appreciation of what is needed to investigate a subject. The analytical work, the actual interpretation of the facts, is all part of doing research. This is also an opportunity to put the interests of a learning mind. The topic of the paper permits the writer to go into the subject matter and develop a greater interest in it. It can lead to further inquiry in that young person spare time.

American history can be a very fascinating subject. It just requires a little bit of thought and examination into the nooks and crannies of time. It does not have to be dry and dull simply because of looking at old facts. What is found in dusty volumes can energize and stimulate thoughts.

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