A List Of Original Ideas For Writing A Research Paper On Child Abuse

Child abuse is the physical, emotional or sexual harm that is done to a child. It could be intentionally done by the child's legal guardian or through neglect. Child abuse is one of the most difficult topics for academics, psychologists and law enforcement to deal with. When the abuse remains undiscovered, it can result in severe physical industries or death.

In areas like medical attention, parents do have a right to deny medical care. Since a United States Supreme Court case in 1944, parents and guardians are not allowed to deny life-saving medical attention. Some religions like Scientology believe in using prayer or natural remedies to treat children. If this denies the child live-saving medical attention, it has been ruledt to be a type of neglect.

Writing a Paper

Students may have to write a paper on the topic of child abuse. Depending on the class, they may have to find a subject to write about or use one of the assigned topics. When the topic is not assigned in class, students can use this list of original ideas for their paper. They can use the exact topic or merely use the idea as a brainstorming tool. After choosing a topic, students should begin researching their paper. To receive the best grade, they must have a well-researched paper that contains a strong argument.

Ideas for an Essay on Child Abuse

  1. How does the incidence of child abuse relate to someone's future potential for committing crimes?
  2. What are Supreme Court cases on the subject of child abuse?
  3. Does the likelihood of child abuse increase in divorced or single parent households?
  4. At what point is denying medical attention considered a type of child abuse?
  5. What is the different between child abuse and neglect?
  6. What are possible interventions that can prevent child abuse?
  7. Does being abused as a child increase someone's chances of becoming a child abuser in the future?
  8. How does child abuse impact someone's potential for having positive relationships as an adult?
  9. How does the child protective services prevent abuse? In what way do these services fail?
  10. What is the impact of child abuse on the child's educational attainment and intellectual abilities?
  11. What are some of the causes and effects of child abuse?
  12. How has the incidence of child abuse changed over the years? Is it increasing or decreasing?

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