A List Of 15 Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics To Discover

An effective justice system plays a vital role in maintaining peace and order of the society. If certain punishments and penalties are not enforced appropriately administration cannot run successfully.

Those who are pursuing their research work in such fields or have taken up certain courses in criminology are frequently looking for brilliant justice research paper topics. If you are one of them, discover 15 striking topics below-

  1. What do you think- “Is abolishment of death penalty is right”? Why? Will it offer justice to the innocent? If no, what could be its repercussions? State this case by citing reference of some countries that have eliminated death penalties? Discuss the increase in crime rate in terms of capital punishment?

  2. How effective are the existing law and orders in regulating the prison systems? How living standards can be improved and quality of life of convicts can be raised?

  3. Discuss the various criminology theories regarding the rights of accuse, the appellants, the victims, the suspects and the harassment faced by the witnesses?

  4. Is the criminal system is like a double edged sword? Discuss it in terms of various types of crimes happening worldwide?

  5. How a legal system turns into an illegal system being part of the criminal trial?

  6. How tough and challenging is the role of Forensic anthropology? Discuss the topic in context of DNA as evidence, the intricate criminal procedure, the confession scenarios and the racial profiling.

  7. How racial profiling has rejected an outrage among the coloured races. How it effect the public?

  8. How mentally ill people can be incarcerated? Why mental ill health culprits should be considered strictly and be penalized?

  9. Why juvenile delinquency is increasing at a steady rate? What are the pitfalls in the criminal justice system? Why such cases cannot be handled properly? Should minors be treated in a different way than other types of criminals?

  10. Is gender bias is part of the court room? Study various cases and state how men are treated different from women?

  11. Suggest various measures as how juvenile delinquency can be reduced?

  12. How child abuse exploitation can be prevented? Suggest some effective measures that can be employed to prevent child molestation?

  13. How child pornography is hampering the development of nation and the mindset of people? What is the best way to punish the criminals and offer justice to the innocents?

  14. Is death penalty a right way to treat the culprits of carjacking? Why?

  15. What measures should be taken to eradicate violence and save the victims?

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